(   ) two eyelashes
is an awe-inspiring film that is accompanied by eight strings and piano. It galvanises the value of live in a universal language via 12 elements of divers nature.

01 KAKOOOOM 07 two eyelashes
02 KAKOOOOMIUM 08 mattheson
03 gravel 09 delerue
04 elements 10 bath
05 italia 11 exosphaere
06 ice 12 asphalt

Falko Korn
composer & director |  * 1982 Frankfurt, Germany

One night I was working late, when two eyelashes landed in front of me, like brackets. As if they were trying to focus my attention on something. Something small that we ignore or forget in our daily lives but that is fundamental and makes up the universe and the matter of our existence.

Five years in the making, “(   ) two eyelashes” was an unpaid full time job of composing, shooting, animating, drawing and editing. A project that seemed to take forever. It’s a real privilege to have found and worked with nine talented musicians to make the live performances possible.